3 Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to Kindergarten

Tuesday was a big day for us in our household.  Our first born daughter went off to Kindergarten.  Our household has been through an array of emotions.  We’ve been happy, we’ve been sad, we’ve been anxious and we’ve been scared.  Parents tend to go through the same emotions that your child goes through.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been so excited for my daughter to go to Kindergarten.  I have needed a little bit more of me time.  When push came to shove though it was a little harder than I expected.  I had trouble sleeping the night before because I didn’t know how Lucy would do getting onto the school bus.  She was so excited for Kindergarten but she said she was nervous.

Jitter Glitter

I did some research and talked with friends about the best way to calm her mind for the first day.  We’ve tried to have really positive talks about Kindergarten and the bus.  We have wanted it to be a great experience plus we knew she would love it!  Besides having positive talks, I also made a little poem for her that was from her “teacher.”  It’s an adorable poem and you attach glitter to it.  Your child then sprinkles glitter under their pillow to help them get a good nights rest before school starts.

I made this with my Cricut Maker.  I cut out the pink cardstock and used the Black Glitter Gel Pen.  I love the touch of sparkle added to the writing!  My daughter thought that it was such a fun thing to do before bed.  The morning school started she ran into my room, “Mommy you were right!  The glitter really did help me sleep!”


Also on the night before school started we gave Lucy a special locket.  I found it on Amazon and did next day shipping as I had thought of this a little later than I wanted!  I printed out pictures of my husband and I and put them inside of the locket.  Whenever she felt sad or missed us at school she could open the locket and look at us.  She could also hold it close to her heart! 

This locket really helped calm her nerves and she loved wearing it on the first day.  She also thought it was super pretty so what little girl wouldn’t want to wear a heart necklace to school!?

First Day of School Board

Another fun “distraction” we had for the first day of school was filling out her First Day of School board.  It’s always funny to hear what they come up with for answers.  For the past two years, Lucy has either wanted to be a Chef or a Singing Dentist!  Haha!  All of a sudden she wants to be a babysitter!  I’m anxious to do this again at the end of the year and see how her answers change.

I hope these few little tips can be helpful for when your little ones head off to school.  This can be great for Preschool, Kindergarten or any age for that matter.  It has been a transition this week but we are making it through.  She loves school and is having a great time and making new friends.  All I want is for my little girl to be happy!



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