Chalk Couture Holiday Barn Doors

Build your own chalkboard pantry doors and create a beautiful Chalk Couture holiday barn door display.  So many ways to stay organized in a beautiful and festive way!

This post has been a work in progress.  I feel like I’ve been dreaming of the end result of this project for a very long time.

I would say about 6-9 months ago I took off the doors to our pantry, cut out the piece of wood between the doors, and added drawer slides.

Pantry Organization

After I did that, it took about another 6 or so months to put doors back on it!  I will say not having doors were convenient but it did not look pretty!

I kept going back and forth about what kind of doors I wanted.  Buy matching doors online or make my own?!

DIY Barnyard Pantry Doors

I decided to go the route of making my own. I needed something a little friendlier on the pocketbook and wanted to challenge myself.

A full tutorial on my DIY barnyard pantry doors is in the works and I can’t wait to share it with you all!


Chalk Couture

I decided last minute that I wanted to make them chalkboards.  I had recently learned about a fun and amazing product called Chalk Couture.

Chalk Couture uses silkscreen stencils and chalk paste to create professional-looking chalkboards with very little artistic skills!




Chalk Couture Holiday Barn Doors

I’ve always wanted a fun command center in my kitchen and combining my DIY barnyard doors and Chalk Couture was the answer!  There are so many different stencils to choose from!  The designs and ideas are endless!

On the lefthand side of the pantry, I went with a more permanent set up.  I created a menu portion, calendar, and chore chart for my daughter.

On the right-hand side, I plan to always do a fun design on the top and the bottom I want my daughter to have a space to draw.  I plan to keep up with the holidays with my top designs.

How to Use Chalk Couture

First, you remove the stencil from it’s backing and place it on top of the fuzzing cloth or kitchen towel.  This is to ensure that it’s not too sticky and doesn’t get stuck to the surface.

Second, place the stencil on your chalkboard and smooth out any bubbles.

Third, start spreading your chalk paste on the design.  I like to do a few lines at a time and then peel it back to see how it looks.

Before I put the stencil back into place, I use a heat gun to quickly dry the paste.  You don’t want it to smudge or smear when putting the stencil back on the chalkboard.

Wagner FURNO 300 Heat Gun

The Wagner FURNO 300 is a really great multi-use tool.  It can be used for smaller craft projects like drying Chalk Couture paste, embossing, and resin/epoxy project.  It can also be used for larger projects like bending PVC pipe, removing paint, and aid in window insulation.

I’ve used heat guns for many different types of projects including:

The heat gun can also be used when you are layering your chalk paste.  If you want to put another layer of chalk paste on a previous design, you need the bottom layer to be dry first. 

This is where the heat gun comes in.  It really speeds up the process.  This way you can keep working without waiting for it to dry!

Stay tuned for more about how I made the DIY chalkboard pantry doors and more about Chalk Couture.  Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

Wagner is hosting a Holiday Contest that I’d love for you to head on over and vote for me!  6 talented bloggers created a holiday project with the FURNO 300 Heat Gun.  If you love what I made please click on the photo below to go vote for my chalkboard art!

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