Washi Tape Pumpkins

Happy Thursday friends!  It has been a really busy week over here in Minnesota.  The weather has warmed up a tiny bit so we’ve been enjoying our last few days of outdoor time!  I love the snow and I love the way it looks but I don’t love to be out in it! 🙂  I like to view it from the inside of my warm house! 

I’m also getting excited about the change of seasons because this year we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house.  My husband’s family lives in California so we trade off every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year we will be heading to California for Christmas so my whole side of the family will be coming to Minneapolis for Thanksgiving.

We typically try to get together again to celebrate Christmas but it’s not working out that way this year.  So we decided to crumble it all up into one this year.  My family will arrive on Wednesday evening and then on Thursday, we will celebrate Thanksgiving.  Friday we will celebrate Christmas and then Saturday we will celebrate my youngest’s 2nd birthday!  It will be busy but super fun!

In preparation for having so many guests I really want to go all out in decorating my home.  I have a lot of decorations but some are very old and frankly, I don’t’ really like them anymore.  I thought it would be fun to make a few of my own!  Paper mache pumpkins have always appealed to me, I like the way they look without anything on it.  

I have also been collecting washi tape and have been looking for a project to use some of it for.  I thought this was a perfect time!  All you need for this project is:

For the full tutorial on how to make your own washi tape pumpkins watch below! 

Happy decorating!  Tomorrow I have a tutorial for you from the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge!  Stay tuned!



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